Luci Dumas, Master Photographer

variety. artistry. sensitivity

I have always been crazy about kids. I have a kind of radar that seems to put them at ease and helps me understand their needs and feelings. When a child enters the room, it is as if someone turned on the sun for me. What a blessing to have a career using my artist’s eye and my heart for children!

I started my photography career in San Diego, California in 1982 after many years pursuing photography as an art. My business has always been out of my home because the commute (upstairs to downstairs)is ideal. And clients seem very comfortable coming to my historical South Park neighborhood and my charming 1911 bungalow. For children it feels like “Aunt Luci’s House”.

As you consider investing in photographs please keep this in mind, a Fine Portrait is a daily reminder of the love and joy in your home  and a lifetime investment that will be a wonderful gift  to your children’s children.



awards and professional affiliations

The following are some of my professional  achievements. However, my most valuable award is the joy
I see on a client faces when  delivering portraits that capture the essence of their child and family relationships.


  • Awarded Degrees include PPA Master of Photography and PPA Photographic Craftsman, Professional Photographers of California Fellowship Degree
  • Featured speaker and print judge at local and state photography events
  • Numerous top awards in local and national competitions including the People’s Choice Award at the Del Mar Fair’s International Competition
  • Business coach/Cheerleader with Insight Training for Photographers

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