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San Diego California 619.233.9390

I agonized over photographers for my maternity photo shoot. I interviewed several people but something about Luci struck a chord. She seemed so calm and sure of herself and didn't seem concerned with fees and time frames but much more concerned with getting the images I was after and making sure our creative vision matched. I literally cried when we went in to see our photos because each and every shot was better than the last. I was heartbroken when we moved from San Diego and could not continue the fabulous relationship we had forged. We tried a few other photographers but none could compare to "Aunt Luci!" She luckily travels to us now to do updates. Luci always takes the best possible photos. Sometimes that means she waits while we feed children, change clothes, soothe them to sleep. We love Luci and have learned the hard way that any other photographers pale in comparison! Heather and Dave Jones, Sacramento

Dear Luci!
You cannot imagine the pride you instilled in Cami ..,and it brought tears to both John and my eyes.You really captured her inner and outer beauty......You are a true craftsman. And of course, anyone in the need of a photographer will hear about you loud and clear! You may use my name anytime as a reference, especially for any other clients you may get with special needs. Peace & Love, Claudia Wright

Thank you again for all your hard work on these.  They really make a difference to us - in our home and in our hearts! Juliet Davenport

Luci has photographed my family of eight for 12 years from birth to first communion,senior to family portraits. I highly recommend her as an artist with an eye for amazing photographs and someone who can capture the window to the soul like no one I have ever known. The pictures that adorn all of my walls so capture the spirit and personality of my children at all ages and stages of their lives. I know how much they mean to me because in the evacuation of my home in the Cedar Fire, they were the only things beside my children in the car. Barbara Wiese

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